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Desarrollado por el bootcamp programación Top Position

What makes Italy Italy?

Come join us for a hands-on unforgettable holiday full of
experiences and the opportunity to live the
traditions that make Italy so special and so enduring.


Hello and welcome to Buonjourney Italy. We are a tour company that seeks to have foreigners experience our vibrant Italian culture by immersing them in our daily activities and by helping them discover Italy alongside the people who live here: Italians! For this we invite you to Romagna. It’s not Venice or Rome or super famous Tuscany (though just as important in the Renaissance), we’re Romagna, a land not well known to foreigners, not crowded, not touristy—and therefore still authentic Italy, compelling and genuine.

It’s as if you were coming to visit your distant Italian relatives: we’ll cook together at a villa in the countryside, then share our meal in classic Italian style; we can visit local farms and cheese producers, as well as sample wines and regional delicacies at a winery under the expert guidance of our sommelier; we can visit compelling ‘art cities’ such as Urbino, San Leo or Gradara as well as charming medieval villages that the big tour operators don’t even know about.

Half the fun is experiencing Italy along with others, creating memories as we go. With a maximum of twelve, we are welcome guests at small farms and businesses, very often family run, where the owners are eager to share their knowledge and expertise. We eat at small local ‘typical’ restaurants, places the locals know about and frequent. Since we live here ourselves, we know each restaurant, each producer and vendor personally.
Our vacations strike the perfect balance between culinary excursions, hands-on cooking experiences, and outings to those special ‘hidden treasures’ and little-known corners of Italy.

We emphasize culinary experiences not to make you into an Italian cook but because food is so central to our culture. To shop at the morning market, visit the local butcher and bakery, and to then prepare and share a true Italian meal with others, allows you to understand and participate in the daily rhythms of a place. In addition, cooking with others creates a special bond; these are not stiff and formal cooking lessons, we’re a group of friends cooking together. Someone is intent on mastering the pasta shape, someone else is joking around while others toast our efforts and maybe sing!

Come then, come to Romagna, and tomorrow morning we’ll stroll the cobblestone streets, stop for a coffee standing at the bar like the Italians do, while they read the newspaper and discuss the day’s news . . . outside the village church bells fill the air with their song and you’ll find yourself smiling as you discover the Italian in you.

See you soon, get in touch, Ramona

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 Romagna in Italy
You haven't heard of Romagna?
In Italy, between the Apennine mountains and the Mediterranean sea, between Florence and Venice, rich with Roman monuments and Renaissance castles, offering great wines and delicious food, superb olive oil and the famous piadina  . . . there is an extraordinary land: ROMAGNA, and its hospitable people, the ROMAGNOLI 


Why a vacation like this?

Staying in the same place,

you’ll come to understand

the rhythms of Italian life, and

soon feel like a local.


Why Emilia Romagna?

Because despite being the cradle of the

Renaissance along with nearby Tuscany,

the inland areas are not well known

and therefore still authentic.








Why NOW?

 Because you’ll be among the first

to enjoy the artistic treasures,

the regional gastronomic specialities and

the genuine hospitality of the

Emiliano Romagnoli people.


Why with us?

Because we’re Emilia Romagna specialists:

we’re from here! We know this area better

than anyone else because we live here;

you’ll find yourself among friends as you

participate in our everyday 

Italian life.



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