Desarrollado por el bootcamp programación Top Position
Desarrollado por el bootcamp programación Top Position

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Our team is made up of people who are absolutely the best in their fields. We’re guides, tour leaders, wine experts, cheese-makers and chefs; we love our land and our traditions and we’re enthusiastic about the opportunity to share these with our guests. Almost all of us are native Italians—we grew up with homemade pasta, ragù, and grapes harvested in September and made into wine on the porch. We want to envelop you in Italian culture, while providing expert guidance during your entire vacation.

ILARIA’s background in theatre arts fuels the enthusiasm she brings to guiding. A native of Florence, she has been leading tours for American clients for the past eight years.
ALBA ROSA has been teaching the joys of Italian cooking to her delighted students for over ten years. Come learn her secret for a perfect piadina!
A native of California, STEPHANIE and her family moved to Romagna nineteen years ago. A mosaic artist, she began guiding in 2004 and has been introducing Americans and other English speakers to her adopted country ever since.
GUIDO’s love for his native Romagna is palpable. He has a degree in foreign languages and a passion for travel and wine. A sommelier AIS, he is the perfect guide to the variety of wines and food traditions of this region.
MARZIA is a hostess through and through. The cooking classes at her country villa are memorable and are an accurate reflection of her motto: ‘my house is your house!’.
RAMONA grew up with homemade pasta and piadinas, long Sunday lunches, and all the traditions that make Italy Italy. With a degree in architecture, and certified as a guide, she loves creating opportunities for others to experience the unique, authentic Italy in which she grew up.