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Our mission here at Buonjourney Italy is to create tours that offer a variety of ways to experience Italy and to have genuine contact with Italians.
Italy preserves a wide range of activities tied to her culinary heritage and traditional customs. Upon request we can also offer tours closely tied to specific, seasonal traditions. A few examples are: the wine harvest; the olive oil harvest; the opening of the fosse (underground pits carved from volcanic tuff) where the renowned cheese from Sogliano is aged; and annual festivals such as the Festa del Pesce Azzurro, one dedicated to the bounty of the sea celebrated along the old port (designed by Leonardo da Vinci) in Cesenatico.

We will create opportunities for you to participate directly in these seasonal activities. In addition, seeing that our region has a rich history stretching back to the Romans and beyond, and that it played a vital role in the Renaissance, we will also visit nearby towns and cities important for their art and history. Last but hardly least, the tours will, of course, include a range of activities related to our local food culture.