Day 3 - Tuesday
Today we step back in time to the Middle Ages, with a morning visit to the medieval town and fortress of San Leo. Recognized as one of the ‘Borghi Più Belli d’Italia’ (Most Beautiful Villages of Italy), the town’s position on an craggy outcrop of rock is particularly scenic.

We begin in the evocative piazza Dante, where two churches (both over a thousand years old) and the surrounding civic architecture transport you back in time. Accompanied by a local guide we’ll learn the town’s history and explore the magnificent medieval fortress of Federico da Montefeltro, Lord of Urbino, from where he could keep an eye on his neighbor (and enemy), Sigismondo Malatesta, Lord of Rimini.

In the afternoon we transfer to a nearby working farm where wine, extra-virgin olive oil and the traditional Italian vermouth are produced. The owners take us on a tour of the property, and together we’ll gather elderflowers (sambuco) to make elderflower syrup, used to make a traditional drink. You’re welcome to take your bottle of home-made syrup with you!

The site is very picturesque, with a gorgeous view of the valley. With this backdrop we’re treated to a live performance of bel canto, a traditional Italian vocal style renowned for its beauty.  A delicious dinner featuring the farm’s own products caps off the evening.