Day 5 - Thursday
This morning we return to the lovely place in the Romagna hills for our second cooking lesson. This time we’ll prepare bruschette and a frittata with herbs, cappelletti in broth (the typical pasta of the area, a type of ring-shaped ravioli filled with soft cheeses), meatballs Romagna style,  roast pork with vegetables, and  a typical dessert called zuppa inglese, the Romagna version of trifle. 

After a lovely relaxed lunch, we’ll return to Santarcangelo for some free time. Late afternoon we drive down to Rimini and meet with our guide whose expertise is art and cinematography.  We’ll learn about Rimini’s Roman and Renaissance history, then shift to the twentieth century and follow in the footsteps of Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini, who was born in Rimini in 1920. 

We move up the coast a couple of miles to the seaside town of Cesenatico, where we’ll enjoy a stroll along the port canal designed by Leonardo da Vinci, followed by an delicious seafood dinner.