Day 6 - Friday
Today is market day in Santarcangelo, the weekly market for the town. Here you can find just about anything from clothes and shoes and kitchen items, to fruit and vegetables and specialty foods.

This morning you are free to catch up on your sleep, or browse and shop at your leisure in the market. We’ll meet up late morning for a ‘cooking show’ demonstration by a professional pastry chef, followed, naturally, by tasting his delicious creations.

In the afternoon we’ll go to an important historical spot, the very place where in 49 BC Julius Caesar crossed the Rubicon (river) with his troops, an act in defiance of the Roman Senate and one that triggered a five-year civil war. His declaration of  ‘alea iacta est! ’ (the die is cast!), has come to mean ‘this is the point of no return’ ever since. 

Following this we walk to a  pizzeria for today’s cooking lesson—making traditional Italian pizza.  Under the guidance of a professional pizzaiolo (pizza chef) we’ll make our own pizzas and enjoy them in the company of the regular Italian customers.